Devil’s Punch Bowl Oregon Coast

As winter comes to a … no that’s not true, winter is still here on the Oregon Coast, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do. During the month of February, the coast has plenty of activities to get yourself out of the rain or at least enjoy it! Take a look through some of our favorite things to do this month!

Devil’s Punch Bowl

Between Bella Beach and Newport, lays the Devils Punch Bowl. What once was a sea cave thousands of years ago, has been turned into an explorer’s paradise. People come from all over to witness this beautiful landmark. Interested in making a day out of it? Well, there are picnic tables at the Devil’s Punch Bowl State Park and tide pools north of the punch bowl, plus a beach which is perfect for surfing!

Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio

Have you visited the coast and still haven’t found a float on the beach? Jennifer Sear’s Glass Art Studio is a perfect place to learn to make your own. Not only can you make floats but a local artisan will teach you how to make a fluted bowl, paperweight, or a votive candle holder. Adults and children are welcome to take a little break from the beach and make a souvenir that will last a lifetime!

Seafood and Wine Festival

Interested in tasting the local cuisine? On February 20th-23rd Newport will be hosting their annual Seafood and Wine Festival. For over 40 years, local wineries and restaurants get together and share the taste of the Oregon Coast. This 21 and older event is held right across the way from Rogue Brewery and provides a perfect weekend for guests that love crafts and good food.

Finders Keepers

There is so much to see and do on the Oregon Coast, but your vacation wouldn’t be complete until you find a glass float! Throughout the month of February, local glass blowers take their floats to the beach and play a little hide and seek. Not only will they be the standard glass floats, but during the weekend of Valentine’s Day, they will be placing heart-shaped floats on Lincoln Cities local beaches. If you can’t make it for Valentine’s Day, during Antique Week they will also be dropping 300 antique Japanese floats. Good luck!

Oregon Coast Aquarium

The kids showing signs of restlessness? Well take a trip down to Newport and enjoy a day at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. From otter feedings to behind the scene tours, there is a little something for every animal lover. The aquarium is open from 10 am to 5:00 pm daily and offers a great escape from the Oregon rainy weather!

Art Galleries

Throughout Lincoln City, there are many galleries to explore. From paintings to pottery, the Oregon Coast is a perfect getaway for art enthusiasts. The Ryan Gallery, Mossy Creek Pottery, and Freed gallery are some of our favorites, along with numerous others. Each one has a different way of showing their love for the Oregon Coast!

Tillamook Cheese Factory

Ever wonder how Tillamook Cheese or Tillamook Ice Cream is made? Well look no further, about 45 minutes outside of Lincoln City is the home where anything Tillamook is made. Enjoy a self-guided tour through the factory and witness the cheese making process. Afterward, taste test the many kinds of cheeses they offer and jump in line to have some of the best ice cream ever made.

Beach Combing Clinic

Interested in how the local rock shops find the best agates and shells? Take a lesson from the professionals and join the Beachcombing Clinic. On the 8th, 16th and the 24th of February. Nelscott’s own Laura Joki, who owns the best rock shop in town, will be guiding participants along the beach and helping them find little treasures the ocean has to offer. Please head over to the website if you have any questions!

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Not only is the Oregon Coast known for their beautiful ocean views but the local lighthouses are a sight of their own. Just about ten minutes from Bella Beach sits the Yaquina Head Lighthouse! Built in 1868 in Paris, the Yaquina Bay is a working lighthouse and an aid to navigation local fisherman out at sea. Yaquina Head Lighthouse was even featured in the movie The Ring in 2002! Take a day trip and explore the many things Yaquina Bay has to over!

Those are just some of our favorite things to do on the Oregon Coast in February, there is so much more to explore and enjoy! So get out of the rain and make your way to the Coast to enjoy the Oregon sunshine.

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